Terms & Conditions

1 | Definitions
1.1. In these Terms & Conditions the following words shall be taken to have the following meanings:
1.1.1. "Hotel" shall mean the George Hotel, Whitby
1.1.2."Client(s)" shall mean the person, firm or company making the booking or staying at the Hotel
1.1.3. "Guest(s)" shall mean a member of the Client's party
1.2. By making this booking, and by providing your card details in accordance with the terms below confirming your booking the Client is deemed to accept the terms and conditions.

2 | General
2.1. On receipt of these terms and conditions, please read through them thoroughly as they relate to the booking You have made with the George Hotel.
2.2. Should you wish to discuss any element contained within these terms and conditions, please contact the Hotel immediately upon their receipt.
2.3. All elements are enforced at the time of booking, unless special exemption has been negotiated between the Client and the Hotel.
2.4. No variation to these conditions shall be effective, unless made in writing and signed by the Hotel and the Client.

3 | Deposits and Bookings
3.1. The deposit required for all bookings is non-refundable. Deposits are requested for all bookings.
3.1.1. The deposit for all bookings is to be £10.00 pppn.
3.2. The balance for the booking must be settled by the Client in full 2 weeks before the arrival date.
3.3. Payments are to be made and guaranteed by Debit/Credit card;
3.3.1. By providing the Hotel your credit card details you are authorising us to charge it in full for your accommodation.
3.4. All personal details held by us will not be sold or passed on to third parties. Your credit card details are not retained on file and shall be securely deleted within 7 days of your stay being completed.
3.5. Bookings are personal to the Client and may not be assigned or transferred by the Client.
3.6. Children occupying separate rooms will be charged the full adult tariff.
3.7. All bookings include a complimentary breakfast (cereal, toast, juice, tea/coffee) is provided to all guests staying in the Hotel.
3.8. If the Client has any specific requests in relation to their stay, they should Contact the Hotel before booking to make these arrangements.
3.9. Whilst the Hotel makes every effort to fulfil any particular requests, if the Hotel is unable to meet any particular requests, our failure to this regard shall not constitute a breach of contract.
3.9.1.In the event this should occur, the Hotel will try and offer alternative arrangements for you.

4 | Group Bookings
4.1. Group bookings may have a different policy, should a group booking be required, the Client should Contact the Hotel to discuss this with them.
4.2. The Client shall be responsible for giving the Hotel the final numbers of group bookings not less than 14 days prior to their arrival and this will be the minimum number charged.
4.2.1. Should this figure change the Client is to contact the Hotel, the acceptance of the change is subject to the Hotel's discretion and availability of rooms.

5 | Arrival and Departure
The standard check-in time is 14:00 and check out time is 11:00hrs. Should you wish to arrange a later check in time, please arrange this with the Hotel.

6 | Cancellation Policy
6.1. Rooms which are cancelled by the Client within 24 hours of the time of arrival, will be subject to a cancellation charge of 100% of the first nights' accommodation.
6.2. In accordance with clause 3.9, should the Hotel be unable to comply with specific requests made by the Client, the Hotel reserves the right to cancel or amend the booking.
6.3. Should the Client's booking be amended, the client has a right to request a cancellation of the booking.

7 | Cancellations by the Hotel
7.1. The Hotel reserves the right to cancel a booking, offering a full refund of all monies paid and incurring no penalty, in the following circumstances:
7.1.1. If the specific hotel facilities booked, become unavailable due to unforeseen circumstances;
7.1.2.Should the Hotel have reasonable suspicion that the Client has an intention to not fulfil their contractual obligation and proof be forthcoming of this, the hotel reserves the right to seek compensation for any losses it may incur; or
7.1.3. Should requested deposits not be forthcoming with an agreed timeframe.
7.2. The above is not an exhaustive list and the Hotel reserves the right to exercise discretion to this extent.

8 | Client Responsibilities
8.1. Upon check-in the Client (or at the discretion of the Hotel the Guests) shall be required to provide Debit/Credit card details to be held against the room or rooms booked or occupied. This card is provided as security against any damage or should the Client or Guests wish to charge any item to the room or rooms.
8.1.1.By providing these details, the Client and/or Guest is accepting liability for these sums, and consents to the Hotels storing of their details in accordance with clause 3.4.
8.2. Clients and Guests, are required to conduct themselves in a reasonable manner at all times.
8.3. Should the Hotel deem that a Client or Guest is being unruly then the Hotel reserves the right to evict them with no refund of monies to be paid.
8.4. The Hotel reserves the right to hold Clients and/or Guest liable for injury caused to any person including the Hotel's staff which arises from the Client or Guest's actions.
8.5. The Client and/or Guest may not consume food or drink on the premises which has not been supplied by the Hotel without the prior consent of the Hotel Management.
8.6. The Client and/or Guest shall not permit, or cause to be permitted an excess of the maximum number of occupants permitted for a room.
8.6.1. The Hotel reserves the right to terminate the hire without notice and without refund if the Client is found to be in breach of this condition.
8.7. Clients and/or Guests are liable for the keys to the Hotel rooms throughout the duration of their stay, should these be lost, the Hotel reserves the right to charge the Client and/or Guest for the cost of replacement keys and if necessary for the attendance of a locksmith.
8.8. The Client has a liability for their account and their Guests accounts(s) and the Client agrees to be personally liable for their Guests should any member of the Client's party fails to pay all or part of the charges included.

9 | No Smoking Policy
9.1. The Hotel operates a strict no smoking policy this includes, but is not limited to:
9.1.1.The Guest rooms; Clients and/or Guests are prohibited from smoking in the Rooms including smoking out of Hotel windows.
9.1.2. The Lounge Area;
9.1.3.Dining Rooms
9.2. In the event any Client and/or Guest is found to violate this policy, the Hotel reserves the rights set out in clauses 9.3 and 9.4 below.
9.3. Clients and/or Guests who are found to be smoking on Hotel premises will be asked to vacate the Rooms & Hotel.
9.4. In addition, the Hotel reserves the right to levy a £100 penalty charge on Clients who are found to have been smoking in the guest bedrooms and other areas of the Hotel for specialist cleaning to make the room fit as a non-smoking environment.

10 | Damage to Hotel Property
10.1. The Hotel reserves the right to charge the Client and his Guests for the cost of rectifying damage, caused by the deliberate, negligent or reckless act of the guest to the hotel's property or structure.
10.2. Should this damage come to light after the Client and/or Guest has departed, the Hotel reserves the right to make a charge to the Client and/or Guest's credit/debit card stored on file in accordance with clauses 3.4 and 8.1 above, or to send an invoice for the required sums to the Client and/or Guest's registered address.
10.3. We will however make every effort to rectify any damage internally prior to contracting specialists to make repairs, and therefore will make every effort to keep any cost that the Guest or Client would incur to a minimum.

11 | Pets
The Hotel does not allow pets to stay in the Hotel.

12 | Lifts
The Hotel does not have a lift, and is unfortunately unsuitable for Clients and Guests who have walking difficulties.

13 | Parking
The Hotel does not have private on-site car parking facilities. There are however private and municipal car parks in walking distance to the Hotel.

14 | Additional Terms
14.1. Whilst the Hotel has taken reasonable steps to ensure that information contained within its brochures, tariffs, leaflets, website and other advertisement materials is accurate, it reserves the right to alter, substitute or withdraw any service, facility or amenity without notice if necessary.

Online Terms & Conditions

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